Never stop creating memories..

What a strange few months we've had, globally. When I first heard about the Corona virus I was so naïve, I thought it would never affect me and it probably wouldn't make it to the UK. Yet it came, it came and it put life as we know and love it on hold. My husband and I quickly decided to make memories anyway, to take lockdown as an opportunity to do fun things at home. We did face masks, we had film nights, we went for walks, we had casino night and played poker, we streamed theatre performances and dressed up, we improved our basketball and football skills. (When I say football, I mean myself. Geraint is so talented at football, it's one of the first things about him I was attracted to.. but I'm getting side tracked, excuse my cringe.) Corona hit when we were halfway through our first year of marriage, so it's definitely been a crazy start! As time went on restrictions were eased and I was able to see family and friends, at a distance of course! I feel so grateful to have been able to carry on my part time job during the pandemic, to spend time building this website, and of course to take photos. (My pet photoshoot was taken during a socially distanced walk!) I hope you enjoy looking through some of the memories I've made and captured below.