All the wonderful little creations..

My thumb has looked a little greener recently, since my mum took me for a day in Wisley gardens. It was such a glorious treat. I was so grateful I took my camera. Along with some portraits of my gorgeous mum, I took copious amounts of flower shots. I could not get over the intricate detail of every type of flower and plant. Beautifully created purely for the eye's pleasure.

We were blessed to have a warm but overcast day. This was the perfect atmosphere for our favourite part, the tropical garden. Vividly coloured lilies the size of my head, and the kind of trees that make you forget you are in England.

My mum has always loved her gardens, and has worked hard over the years to maintain and prune them. I've always admired her for that, she is a wonderful example of someone caring for the blessings God has given her. My grandma had the same love for gardens, and I hope when I have a garden I will be the same. However for now I've got my indoor plants, which increased by two when I was let loose in the Wisley shop. I honestly struggled not to try and ram the whole shop in my little car!

I would 10/10 recommend a day at Wisley gardens, even just to be reminded of God's perfect artistry.