A Dreamy Golden Evening..

The sun was bright and warm as I wove through the country roads of Oxfordshire, and I was absolutely buzzing. When the light is already golden a couple of hours before sunset, you know you're in for an absolute photography treat. I'd been dreaming about a village couples' shoot for so long, I just needed to find a couple who were keen for one too! You could imagine my delight when Emily and Olly suggested a village for their pre-wedding shoot. Of course, I immediately googled the location, and was pretty excited at the scenery. Google did not to do this place justice! As soon as I arrived in Hook Norton, the village absolutely captured me. It was like something out of a fairytale. Emily and Olly were so obvious in their love for each other, pair that with golden sunshine and picturesque small-town cottages, and viola! Rachel cannot stop taking photos. The moon even popped out for us, in time for Emily and Olly to dance for a finale. I hope you enjoy scrolling through these, as much as I have creating them.