Sand, sea, sun?

My absolute favourite place in the world is the beach. I know that's crazy, living in England, where the water is only magically warm on the rarest of occasions. Yet, there's something about that sea air that leaves me on a high, even if it only involves sitting in the sand rugged up in coats and blankets watching the sun go down. I've grown up with some of my best memories being made at the beach with my family. I went on to meet my husband on a beach mission, and we even got engaged on a tiny beach. So naturally the moment the weather is nice, my mind starts racing with plans to get to the coast as soon as possible! Last year I was already in the sea in February with my siblings, but with a pandemic happening this year my first beach trip had to be in June. I thought who better to spend it with than my sister, Hannah, who shares the same love for all things beach? The wind was seriously strong, but nonetheless diving in those waves and making more memories with my sister brought me so much joy. I just had to grab some shots of Hannah afterwards, as she is one of the ultimate beach babes.