I once said I would never be able to photograph a wedding...

I started my photography business, just over a year ago, with no idea where it would go. I thought at best I would get a small shoot here and there. Just a few months in, I was asked to photograph a wedding. A wedding?! Was I was talented enough to shoot a wedding? Classic case of "what if I fail?". The couple had decided to get married with as many as they were allowed, despite the pandemic. I thought it was so lovely they wanted to go ahead and get married, despite having to change so many plans. I really wanted to shoot their wedding, so I did something crazy, and dove in. I said yes! Of course I made sure the couple knew it was my first run, and started to prepare for this very staple moment in my career. It was a constant buzz of stress and excitement in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

That feeling when I arrived home from the wedding, was indescribable. A bit of relief, a load of surrealism, some ecstatic thrown in.. Uploading the files and seeing my work was both terrifying, and then exciting when I realised I was so happy with the photos. I was actually proud of myself. I have since realised that actually no dream is too big, if you're willing to fail or to succeed. I feel incredibly grateful to have succeeded so far. I will forever count my blessings that I started out in this business, one I was always afraid of for so long. I have since shot two more weddings, and have bookings lined up for the future. I'm so excited for what's ahead!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos, and a big big thank you to Molly and Matt for trusting me to capture their beautiful day!